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recently, the shaping level-1 power plant of dadu river company under china energy’s 1st unit completed the positioning of the tail waterpipe cone segment. that marked the construction of the unit has entered the installation stage, a significant shift from concrete casting to metal structure installation.

the hoisting of the tail waterpipe positioning cone segment for the first unit at shaping level-1 power plant

the shaping first-level hydropower station is the 23rd station in the adjustment plan for the main stream of the dadu river. it is located within the jinkou river area in leshan city and is a key construction project for the "14th five-year plan" in sichuan province and a major project in leshan city's "battle map" initiative. with an installed capacity of 360,000 kilowatts, the station has an annual average power generation of 1.635 billion kilowatt-hours. the station employs bulb tubular units, and its tailwater pipe lining consists of six sections: front, middle, and rear. each section is composed of 4 tile sets welded into a cone ring. the total weight of the tailwater pipe for a single unit is approximately 104.2 tons, and the positioning cone segment for the tailwater pipe is the first section of the middle segment, with an inner diameter of about 9.3 meters and a weight of 14 tons.

to ensure the successful hoisting of large mechanical and electrical equipment, the dadu river shaping branch company has consistently implemented the construction requirements of the group company's "two highs and one low" project. they meticulously organized and planned, pre-planned the tailwater pipe assembly site, and constructed assembly platforms. strict adherence to safety technical and emergency measures during construction was ensured. they strengthened on-site safety and civilized construction management, promptly eliminated safety hazards at the construction site. careful on-site installation organization was conducted, and the positioning cone segment was precisely flipped in the assembly area using the main hoist of the tower crane and coordinated with mobile cranes, ensuring a safe, controlled, and quality-controlled installation process. the hoisting into the machine pit was completed with precision adjustment and reinforcement. all installation data for tailwater pipe center, elevation, and vertical flatness exceeded national standards, setting a good foundation for the large-scale installation of mechanical and electrical equipment at the shaping first-level hydropower station in 2024.