china energy works diligently on earthquake relief and energy supply assurance in gansu-爱游戏ayx官网

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-12-22   font:【 】

on december 18, at 23:59, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck jishishan county, linxia city, gansu province. immediately following the earthquake, china energy activated its earthquake disaster emergency response, instructing relevant units in gansu and qinghai to earnestly fulfill the social responsibilities of a central energy enterprise. they were to actively assist the government in post-disaster rescue efforts, intensify equipment inspections and monitoring, actively prepare and ensure readiness for aftershocks and secondary disasters, and devote full efforts to guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment as well as energy security and stable supply. currently, there are no reported casualties among the group's units.

the gansu company’s yongjing photovoltaic power station located approximately 50 kilometers from the epicenter, experienced strong tremors at the production site. in response to the earthquake, the company promptly organized emergency evacuation measures and immediately conducted inspections and maintenance on the boosting station equipment. presently, the equipment foundations are intact, and oil, gas, and pressure equipment are functioning normally. to prevent secondary damage caused by potential aftershocks, station personnel are on rotational duty for monitoring. they maintain close communication with local authorities, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

following the earthquake, gansu company actively donated funds and materials to the civil affairs bureau of jishishan county, providing over 1,000 sets of relief materials, including quilts, cotton mattresses, folding beds, and cotton tents.

currently, units affiliated with the group in gansu and qinghai are actively assisting local governments, closely monitoring aftershocks and other possible emergencies. they promptly identify and address potential safety hazards, continuously enhance employees' earthquake prevention awareness and emergency response capabilities and spare no effort in completing earthquake relief and ensuring energy supply.