china energy 's hydrogen energy company certificated as "national technical standard innovation base (hydrogen) standard verification center"-爱游戏ayx官网

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china energy's hydrogen energy company recently obtained the certification for the "national technical standard innovation base (hydrogen) standard verification center" at the inaugural national hydrogen standardization conference. the certification was witnessed by seven committees involved in hydrogen standardization, including the national energy administration, china hydrogen alliance, and the national hydrogen standardization technical committee.

the national technical standard innovation base (hydrogen) standard verification center is based on the china hydrogen alliance's "hydrogen pacesetter action" and the national energy group's hydrogen company's "green hydrogen key equipment testing and verification base" project. it aims to address the current industry challenges of lacking infrastructure for validating hydrogen detection testing methods and a deficiency in related standard verification bases. the construction of this verification center is expected to significantly fill the gaps in technology development, verification testing bases, and play a crucial role in promoting the development of hydrogen detection technology, improving industry standard systems, and achieving high-quality development in the hydrogen industry.

the "hydrogen pacesetter action," initiated by the china hydrogen alliance under the guidance of the national energy administration and china association for science and technology, has been ongoing for three years. currently focusing on key technical equipment such as water electrolysis hydrogen production systems, hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cell systems, critical components, and equipment carbon footprint, the china hydrogen alliance research institute has released and compiled more than 20 relevant testing and evaluation technical standards. this includes the world's first green hydrogen standard, "standard and evaluation of low-carbon hydrogen, clean hydrogen, and renewable hydrogen," and china's first electrolyzer evaluation standard, "guidelines for performance evaluation of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production systems under the 'pacesetter action.'"