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author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-12-25   font:【 】

on december 18, china energy achieved a daily power generation of 4.25 billion kilowatt-hours, exceeding the historical peak by 60 million kilowatt-hours, setting a new record for the company's daily power generation. the overall startup rate of thermal power units exceeded 93.4%.

since the start of the winter peak demand period, china energy has focused on "keeping the north warm and ensuring power supply in the south," refining measures to increase power generation and ensure supply, and fully ensuring the warmth of the people during winter. from december 15 to 17, the company successively commissioned three coal-fired units, including zuiyi 2, yueyang 2, and qingyuan 1, with a total capacity of 2.66 million kilowatts, providing strong support for the power demand in the central and southern regions. units in inner mongolia, heilongjiang, jilin, and other regions have fully prepared for the test of a widespread cold wave, effectively enhancing the energy supply capacity and emergency response capability. twelve provinces and regions, including ningxia, jiangsu, hubei, hunan, liaoning, and guizhou, achieved a startup rate of 100%, with full and stable power generation, fully demonstrating the role of energy and power as the main force in heating and ensuring supply.