china energy's pioneering capacitive carbon industrial technology successfully piloted-爱游戏ayx官网

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-11-24   font:【 】

on november 17th, china energy’s shanghai research institute of chemistry co., ltd. independently developed a high-temperature spray carbonization balling technology for coal liquefaction pitch. the technology completed experimental verification on a hundred-ton scale pilot device, overcoming industry challenges that restricted the continuous industrial production and product stability of spherical capacitive carbon, achieving an international leading level.

capacitive carbon is a critical "bottleneck" material for supercapacitors in the fields of electricity and new energy, which has long relied heavily on costly imports. spherical capacitive carbon, in particular, has significant advantages such as high packing density, excellent electrochemical performance, and strong stability. however, existing ball-forming technologies have been unable to achieve mass production due to difficulties in separating the spheres from the mother liquor, oxidation and non-fusion sticking, and deformation and breakage of the carbonized activated spheres. to address these issues, china energy’s shanghai research institute capitalized on the high softening point and easy cross-linking balling properties of coal liquefaction pitch. they adopted a new high-temperature spray carbonization balling process, conducted technical verification with a small-scale device, and independently designed and constructed a hundred-ton scale pilot device. this facilitated the scale preparation of spherical capacitive carbon with controllable particle size (1-20μm), stable product quality, and excellent electrochemical performance.