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recently, china energy's independently developed chinese first port coal full-chain unmanned sampling and preparation platform was put into use at zhuhai port. this marks china energy's great leap in the development of port coal sampling and preparation business, entering the stage of unmanned production across the process.

china energy's digital intelligence technology co., ltd., and guoneng zhuhai port co., ltd. collaborated to address the pain points and challenges of traditional sampling, sample preparation, and laboratory analysis. they integrated technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics applications, and fuzzy control to autonomously develop the coal full-chain unmanned sampling and preparation platform. the platform completely automates the sampling, preparation, transport, storage, and analysis operations, achieving standardized, unmanned, and intelligent operations for coal sampling, transfer, sample preparation, transmission, storage and inquiry, and laboratory testing. this fundamentally avoid human interference, ensuring data accuracy, effectively reducing laboratory costs, and significantly increasing laboratory efficiency. furthermore, based on the china energy's blockchain platform, the entire process data of sampling, preparation, and analysis are recorded on the blockchain, providing a highly credible data foundation for full-chain services in sampling and preparation.

upon completion, the platform has advanced, innovative, and widely applicable features. its results can be promoted and applied in china energy's coal, power, and chemical industries, reducing the laboratory testing steps in coal production, transportation, sales, storage, and use, and lowering the cost of coal sales and circulation, which promotes integrated coordination of the china energy's coal, electricity, and chemical transportation, and aids in enhancing production efficiency and effectiveness. it provides strong support for china energy's green, low-carbon, and intelligent development and empowers the construction of a coal supply chain shared network laboratory platform. at the same time, it serves as a technological support and demonstration for the intelligent transformation of the coal quality inspection business in china's energy industry, having pioneering significance for the whole industry.