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clean coal power tour

wind power tour in foreshore

the offshore wind farm has become a bright spot for international youth to appreciate china’s wind power technology. thirteen years ago, the 32-megawatt intertidal wind farm in rudong, jiangsu province was completed and put into operation. starting from the intertidal zone and extending from the near to the distant, it has taken the first step in the development of china’s offshore wind power projects.

in the longyuan offshore ring port wind farm, international youth wore rubber shoes and life jackets and rode a tractor to approach the intertidal wind field, exploring the mystery of the offshore “big windmill”. after the ebb tide, there are puddles of different sizes, and the soft mud is not easy to walk.

in the face of special marine geology, the engineering construction team has overcome technical difficulties step by step, and built five wind power projects, including the world’s first intertidal test wind power project, the first offshore demonstration wind power project in china, and the first large-capacity offshore wind turbine test platform in china. longyuan offshore wind farm has also become the offshore wind farm with the most complete wind turbine type.

yasir masood, youth: “the wind turbines in these photos reflect the efforts that china has been making. china’s energy innovation and safe development is the reasonable way to achieve modernization and sustainable development. the future is very likely to be the development of a green economy, or even a blue economy.”